Set Theory


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Function The relation f with first set A and second set B is called a function when every element of A is paired with only one element of B.  f:A→B We can write it based on the way we label the sets. You may find it written as f:X→Y If in the functional relation f with first set […]

Cartesian product

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Cartesian product and Relation of two sets   Cartesian product of two sets The Cartesian product of the set A with the set B is called the set AxB of all the possible ordered pairs where the first coordinate is from the set A and the second from the set B. We note: AxB = […]


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Sets   What are sets? To name different group of objects in our daily life we use different words, like a group of students, pile of stones, or herd of fold. In mathematic we use the word set. So in other words, ‘Sets are collection of things that are grouped together based on a common […]

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