Set Theory


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Function The relation f with first set A and second set B is called a function when every element of A is paired with only one element of B.  f:A→B We can write it based on the way we label the sets. You may find it written as f:X→Y If in the functional relation f with first set […]

Cartesian product

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Cartesian product Cartesian product of two sets The Cartesian product of the set A with the set B is called the set AxB of all the possible ordered pairs where the first coordinate is from the set A and the second from the set B. We note: AxB = {(a,b) :a ∈ A$displaystyle wedge $b […]


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Sets What are sets? To name different group of objects in our daily life we use different words, like a group of students, pile of stones, or herd of fold. In mathematic we use the word set.  “Sets are collection of things that are grouped together based on a common property”. The objects that are […]

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