how to find lcm


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HCF and LCM  How to find HCF and LCM? One method to find both HCF and LCM by using Prime factorization. Finding HCF using prime factorization Step 1: Find the prime factors of each given number. Step 2: Identify all the common prime factors of the given numbers. Step 3: Multiply the common factors.The product of these common […]

Prime and composite numbers

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Prime and composite numbers   Prime numbers are numbers that have exactly two factors: one and the number itself. Composite numbers are numbers that have more than two factors.   Finding prime numbers Over 2000 years ago, a Greek mathematician called “Eratosthenes” made a simple tool for sorting out prime numbers. This tool is called […]

Multiples and Factors

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Multiples and Factors   Multiples You can think multiples of a number as the” times table” for that number. For example: the multiplies of 3 are: 3 × 1 = 3,  3 × 2 = 6,  3 × 3 = 9 and so on.   A multiple of a number is found when you multiply […]

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